Priyanka Chopra’s new film, Shout Out To Nick Jonas’ Husband, is “the good half”.

Priyanka Chopra’s new film, Shout Out To Nick Jonas’ Husband, is “the good half”.




Priyanka Chopra reacts to her husband Nick Jonas’ statement about his new movie, which allows you to have its international optimal at the Tribeca competition.

Along with different Destiny movie artists, Nick became visible in images. Responding to her husband’s tweet, Priyanka shared her pleasure and stated, “Let’s go.” The sector most suitable for Nick’s cutting-edge film, The Coolest Half, will begin at the Tribeca Film Competition on June 8 with three screenings. I am pleased to be becoming a member of this notable forge.

Lovers reacted to Nick’s message after it was made. “Pleasant Nick,” said one of the spectators. I cannot wait to look at it.” “Looking forward to watching this film with Mumbai Nights popcorn, another enthusiast wrote.

Another character added, “I can not wait to look at it.” Robert Schwartzman’s The Coolest 1/2 will make its pageant debut on June 8, June 10, and June 12. The film additionally stars Brittany Snow, Alexandra Shipp, David Arquette, Matt Walsh, and Elisabeth Shue, similar to Nick. Recently, Nick and well-known rapper King collaborated to create an English model of the song Maan Meri Jaan; moreover, he had fleeting cameos in Priyanka’s Love Again.

Priyanka Chopra cheers husband Nick Jonas’ new movie “The Coolest 1/2′ ahead of its Tribeca film festival screening.

Nick Jonas has a unique statement for lovers! The actor has discovered that his new film “The Good Half” can be screened at the Tribeca movie competition.

How did Jonas become famous?

Founded in 2005, they gained popularity through their appearances on the Disney Channel TV network.

Priyanka Chopra cheers husband Nick Jonas’ new film “The Coolest Half” in advance of the Tribeca Film Pageant Screening.

Nick Jonas has a unique announcement for fans! The actor has found out that his new film “The Coolest Half of’ will be screened at the Tribeca Film Pageant. He wrote: “My film #The Good Half can have its world-class quality at the film festival, starting with three screenings on June 8.”

The actor and the singer will display a percentage of the screen area. Brittany Snow, Alexandra Deliver, David Arquette, and Elisabeth Shue.

Robert Schwartzman

We’ll see Nick play the role of an emotionally remote author who returns to his hometown of Cleveland for his mother’s funeral. While on the town, he forms a brand new friendship with Shipp, who forces him to reconnect with his siblings and stepfather.

On the painting on the front, Nick has been busy with his musical commitments. He became additionally visible in a cameo as Priyanka’s spouse, Love, once more.

Screenwriter Brett Ryland cleverly constructs this intimate story by seamlessly weaving recollections of Renn’s mom (Elisabeth Shue) into her adventure as she confronts complicated family relationships with a refreshingly wry sense of humor—a reminder that grief and growth involve ups and downs, pain, and laughter along the way.”

Nick is currently promoting his upcoming album with the Jonas Brothers, titled Album. He has most recently collaborated with Indian rapper King on the English model Maan Meri Jaan. He additionally seemed in Priyanka’s love again.

Nick Jonas on a touchdown His first lead function in Robert Schwartzman’s “The Good Half” and his ‘depraved’ film audition

No, it is no longer a Mad Lib made to please children who grew up in the early 2000s: the Jonas brother stars in the Michael Muscovite-directed movie — aka Anne Hathaway’s love hobby in “The Princess Diaries.”

Nick Jonas and filmmaker Robert Schwartzman (as the guitar-gambling, car-fixing, M&M-ingesting heartthrob is known in actual lives) had been buddies because of their upward thrust to repute.

What is Nick Jonas well-known for?

Nick Jonas is often referred to as one of the Jonas Brothers, a band he formed with his brothers Kevin and Joe. He appeared in movies such as Night at the Museum: The Struggle of the Smithsonian (2009) or Cautious What You Want For (2015). He additionally appeared in the television series Final Guy Status (2011) and Hawaii Five-0 (2010).

They met while Schwartzman’s band Rooney, who rose to prominence after acting on any other early-kids staple, “The O.C.,” toured with the Jonas Brothers.

But they in no way formally worked together until they collaborated on the indie comedy-drama “The Good 1/2,” which premieres this week at the Tribeca film competition. It is the third time directing for Schwartzman, who has been at the back of the camera since “The Princess Diaries” and co-founded the distribution organization Utopia in 2018.

In “The Good 1/2,” Jonas plays an author named Renn who travels home to Cleveland for his mother’s funeral. As he reunites with his family—Brittany Snow plays his energetic sister, Matt Walsh plays his well-intentioned father, and David Arquette is his stepfather—and makes new buddies, he is pressured to come back to phrases with his past.

For Jonas, 30, it is an extra dramatic role, miles cry from the rock celebrity around the corner he performed in his film debut as a teenager on Disney Channel’s “Camp Rock.”
Ahead of the greatest of “the coolest half of,” Schwartzman and Jonas reunited on Zoom to discuss the making of the movie, their appreciation of bowling, and a potential Jonas Brothers musical.

It is a large crossover between the Jonas Brothers and “Princess Diaries” for 90s children. How did you meet?

Schwartzman: “I’ve got a band known as Rooney. So Rooney began recording and traveling, and Nick and I had been each working with a producer named John Fields, who said, “You have got to get together and meet Nick and the band. It was outstanding. From there, we developed a friendship. Did I get that proper Nick?

Jonas: It truly is precisely proper.

Schwartzman: word for a phrase?

Jonas: “I’m very impressed”. We met once; I was still 15 or sixteen. I simply take into account that we used to bowl plenty. And now look at us; we are making films collectively.

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